Misty Tyson was born in Anchorage, Alaska.  She got her first taste of being funny by listening to her father on the radio, who was a Deejay at a local FM station.

Upon graduating high school Misty had big plans to move to New York to pursue acting but took a detour behest of the United States Army where she obtained the rank of Sergeant before exiting the service and ending up in Arizona.

Having always been a fan of improv and sketch comedy the next progression was to hit the mic. After a year of performing in AZ (Entertainment Alley, Mardi Gras) Misty took her talents to Southern California taking the stage in San Francisco (SF Comedy Club), Pasadena's (Ice House), North Hollywood's (Ha Ha Comedy Club), La Jolla and LA's (Comedy Store), New York's (Gotham), and Hollywood's (Laugh Factory.)

She currently resides in New York.